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Pre-bookable Appointments

Pre-bookable Appointments

Depending on availability these can be booked up to six weeks in advance.

There are no pre-bookable appointments on a Monday.

There is always a compromise between continuity of care, patients’ preference for a particular clinician and clinicians’ availability. Whilst we try to book a patient with their preferred clinician this is often not possible. In situations where patients ’insist’ that they need to see or speak to a particular clinician, the receptionists have been instructed to take the relevant details of the request to pass onto our clinical team for instruction. The patient will then be asked to telephone back the following day to receive the clinician’s response. Please do not take any frustration out on our receptionists. Demand for certain clinicians currently exceeds their capacity and some patients will need to accept that they cannot see their preferred clinician. This is a matter of necessity and practice policy, not a receptionist being difficult.